Friday, June 3, 2011

Roshni Patel out of coma after 11 months (Episode 11 on 3rd June 2011)

Roshni Patel (real name Deepal Patel, 23) is a 20 year old MBA student from Ahmadabad, Gujarat. While returning from his class on 2nd Feb 2010 she commits severe accident. Police (lead played by Mohit Chauhan) admits Roshni in Hospital and doctor declared she is in coma. As per all activities on the road police finds it suspicious.

Jeetu (real name Dharmendra) is Roshni's brother and his wife has problem with Roshni. Roshni comes out of coma after 11 months but she is not able to identify anyone. As the time goes she reminds everything and reveals the people who attacked on her.

Here is the inside story of the case:

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