Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Iss raat ki subah nahi" Story of Gauri (Crime Patrol : Episode 130, Episode 131 on 14th July 2012)

Gauri (Real name 'Seema' and played by Ahsaas Channa) who spent 5 year years in Gorakhpur district jail in a theft case. But she always denies that she is not a thief and she never steal anything. A news reporter publishes here story with the article Iss raat ki subah nahi (इस रात की सुबह नहीं)

In that article he describes every part of gauri's life. She was living on rent with her small family of father, mother and a brother. They are economically very weak so their landlord throws them out of their home. One day her father dies in an accident. Here mother becomes depressed and suddenly goes somewhere with gauri's bother, leaving her outside the gorakhpur railway station. Gauri is waiting for her mother outside the station but she does not comes back. A taxi driver comes and bring gauri to a lady (Bua). That lady takes Gauri as a servant at her home. Gauri spent 6 years at that home as a servant. After few days that bua plans to send her out of the door and blames her for stealing her valuable jewellery.

Based on a true story of Seema - Gorakhpur.

Here is the inside story of the case:

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