Friday, July 20, 2012

Rita Walecha suddenly missing from her home, excuse of satsang (Episode 132 on 20 July 2012)

Rita Walecha and Mukesh Walecha are happily married couple who has 2 kids also. Mukesh is a businessman while Rita takes case of their home. Mukesh's family has good relations with his old friend.

A day suddenly Rita goes missing. She tells her maid and child that she is going to attend a Satsang at Vijay Nagar area. 4 months passes but police is not able to trace Rita.

Where did Rita went? Did she cOme back?
What is a real story of this Ulhasnagar case?

rita walesha crime patrol dastak satsang missing ulhasnagar rani sukheja

Here is the inside story of the case:


  1. Can anyone please tell me the real name of the actress who played the role of Rita?


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