Sunday, September 9, 2012

New born baby girl become unwanted between battle of 2 families (Episode 152, 153 on 8, 9 Sep 2012)

Amrit singh is a teacher and his wife Meena is pregnant. Amrit takes meena to jodhpur for her delivery.

At the same time Kishan who is a Kadhiya (मिस्त्री, जो दीवार पे प्लास्टर करते हैं और घर बनाते हैं) by the profession also bringing his wife to Same hospital 'Raja Madhav' of Jodhpur.

After the delivery of Amrit's wife meena, ward boy brings their baby to them and declares that they are bless with a baby boy. After a few seconds a nurse comes and handles over a baby girl explaining that due to some mistake babies are exchanged and meena delivered a baby girl, not boy. She explains that the baby boy was delivered by Kishan's wife Seema.

Both Kishan and  Amrit are battling for their new born baby boy, and they both are not taking any care of the baby girl born. 8 days passes and the baby girl is still aware of mother's milk. Her condition becoming critical but they both families are not agree to feed that small baby with a real mother's milk.

Hospital admits their mistake and call police (Lead role played by Vinod Jaywant) for the further investigation.

What police found?
Who are the real mother and father of that baby girl?
Is it a conspiracy planned by hospital and its staff?

Watch here the real/inside story of the case-

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