Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos: List 1

Beyond the limitations of religion: Muslim child Akbar raised by a Hindu tea vendor Aikulal (Episode 69, 70 on 23rd, 24th Dec 2011)
किशनदास, एक 34-35 साल का लखनऊ के केसरबाग़ इलाके का एक चाय वाला जिसको इमरान अपनी चाय की दूकान के पास बहुत ही बुरी हालत में मिलाता है. जब तीन साल का इमरान मिला था उस समय उसके तेज बुखार था. उसको डॉक्टर के पास ले जाने पर पता चला की उसको पीलिया है और बच्चे के पास बहुत कम वक़्त है अगर उसका इलाज तुरंत न शुरू किया गया तो....Read More
Kolkata Park Street: 37 year old Rita Gomez raped by four men inside a moving car (Episode 134, 135 on 27th, 28th July 2012)
Rita Gomez (played by Geetanjali Mishra) is a Single mother who lives with her 2 daughter and mother. She is a Ex Call Center employee. One night in a bar she met Vikram (real name Lavi Gidwani and shown as Micky). Vikram gives her lift to her home but Vikram assaults on her with his 4 friends inside that running car...Read More
Euthanasia: Acid Attack victim Sonali Mukherjee (Episode 146, 147 on 24th, 25th Aug 2012)
Mitali is a talented girl who is frustrated because 3 boys of the same locality are teasing her badly. When her father-brother shouts those boys, boys excuses that Mitali is not a good character girl. One day again when those boys tries to tease her, some other people shouts on the boys...Read More
Art teacher Mahima Arya harassed by School Principal at Army Public School, Jaipur (8th Jun 2012)
Mahima Arya (played by Pyumori Mehta) is a School teacher shifted from Lucknow to Jaipur and joined Army Public School as a Art teacher. Principal Piyush harass her. All lady teachers of the school takes action against him. Most of the school teachers starts getting their Termination letters. Even salary of a lady peon also stops by the school...Read More
Fear turns Revenge: Dehradun Sunil Kohli/Vaibhav Saini murder case (Episode 168, 169 on 19th, 20th Oct 2012)
Sunil Kohli (Vaibhav Saini) is the only son of his parents. A day he leaves his home saying that he has to attend his friend's sister's engagement. The night passes, he doesn't come back. Next morning a man finds a dead body of a 22-23 year boy near nanoor kheda area...Read More
Manipur girl Tanya rape case in Dwarka-Delhi (Episode 83 on 10 Feb 2012)
A night after getting delayed form her shift, tanya was waiting for a conveyance to her Hostel. On the way a man named Vikas offers her lift to drop her safely to her place. Tanya agrees and after few minutes Vikas stops his car near a Jungle...Read More
Baby Falak Case: A vulnerable child protection mechanism of India (Episode 89, 90 on 2nd-3rd March
Rani, a 13-14 years girl carries a 3 years old girl with her to AIIMS. Baby's condition is critical and doctors are shocked to see she has burnt and injuries through out her body. Rani tries to escape after handling them to hospital staff but police and security guards stops her. Rani tells she is mother of that baby but after some interrogation she reveals that the baby girl was brought to her by a guy named Nadeem...Read More
Lesson: 13 year boy Dilshan murder case ( Episode 79, 82 on 27th, 28th January 2012)
On July 3, 2011 a 13 year old boy was shot dead while he was trying to steal some almond form a almond tree situated inside Chennai cantonment area. After his death Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced a compensation of INR 5 lakh to his parents form the chief minister relief fund...Read More
Civil engineer Satyendra Dubey murder case (Episode 99, 100 on 6th, 7th April 2012)
A night when Satyendra was returning from a marriage, three unknown people suddenly attacks him and brutally kills him outside Gaya Junction, Bihar on 27th November, 2003. Who were they people killed Satyaprakash? Did his death get justice?...Read More
Scam: Speak Asia - a online survey company scam case (Episode 178 on 16th Nov 2012)
Episode reveals scam of a online survey company named Speak Asia During 2011. Investor needs to invest 11,000/- to the company and as per their promise investor were getting 52,000/- every year. After the registration, company provides him a username and password for doing surveys. Investor had to open his account and fill survey form of several companies. For this Speak Asia were giving maximum 4,000/- to the investor every month...Read More

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