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Embraced: Daughter's left by a mother raised by School Principal Prahlad Thakur (Episode 390, 391 on 5th, 6th July 2014)

अपनापन Embraced कल्पना तिवारी मेरठ के एक गाँव में रहती है. उसकी 2 बच्चियां पायल और छाया हैं और पति खेती करता है. कहानी शुरू होती है कल्पन...

The Human Touch: Facebook helped reuniting Sikkim boy Anand to his uncle (Episode 389 on 4th July 2014)

स्पर्श  The Human Touch Ashok Rao is a property consultant in Bangalore. A morning after finishing his Yoga session, he finds a boy of ne...