Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bhadkaava: A mysterious murder case of 13 year old school kid Anurag Mandal (Episode 660, 661 on 21st, 22nd may 2016)


Genius Vision School's annual day is coming and all the students are preparing for it. But just 2 days before the annual day an Art Teacher sees a kid is falling to the ground from staff quarter's building. He runs towards that badly injured kid and finds him unconscious. He calls school's chairman and principal and bring that kid to the hospital. Kid's parent are also called to reach hospital and in the hospital doctor declares him dead. Doctor sends that deadbody for postmortem and police starts their investigation.

This kid's name was Anurag Mandal (real name Binay Mahato and played by Gautam Ahuja) who was living in the hostel with his elder brother Vivek Mandal. After police start looking into the CCTV footages, they does not find anything crucial. According to police statement given by that art teacher are true but they are not able to find out why Anurag went to staff quarter that night and why did he choose backdoor for this because staff quarter has a CCTV camera on front.

Binay Mahato played by Gautam Ahuja

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:
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