Thursday, September 1, 2016

Advertise On the Blog!

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring us!

Here you need to provide two images of Leaderboard size (For Desktop browsers), Large Mobile Banner size.(for Mobile and Tablet browsers) and link to your destination website. Check below for dimenssions:

Premium Leaderboard
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Site Advertising (Weekly Subscription)

This is a cost-effective way to reach a large amount of customer/visitors. You just need to send an email to with below information:

Your First Name

Your Last Name

Ad Title

Ad Alternate Title (appear as image title and property)

Ad image 1: 728x90 dimenssion

Ad image 2: 320x100 dimenssion

Link: Ad's link which will open in a new window
We will go through your email and verify the content. If we found your content comply with all our policies, we will send you a link to make the payment of INR. 499/-. Once we receive payment, we will publish your ad for 7 day and it will be taken off on 8th day.

If you want to carry on your ad after 7 days, you need to send us again a mail before 8th day (no content needed) and we will again send you a new link to make the payment.

For any query, you can write an email to

Content Policies:

Blog's ad policies are same as Google Adsense's ad policies. Your submitted image/link/title must not contain any of the prohibited contents. Click on the links below to understand these content policies:

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