Friday, December 9, 2016

Bekarar: Zeenat's younger brother Saleem beaten to death inside home (Episode 742, 743 on 3rd, 4th December, 2016)


Saleem Mirza is younger brother of sister Zeenat. He lives with her sister and her husband Faiyaz. This couple does not have any kid and all three are very attached with eachother. A day Zeenat finds Salim dead inside the home. Salim was beaten to death and was in pool of blood. They calls police to investigate the case and during primary investigation police comes to know that Saleem who was an auto driver, was having disputed with another auto driver Vishal Shetty regarding parking area.

On the other hand one of Saleem's friend tells police that Salim was in love with a girl and he also saw him many times in the park. He can not identify the girl because every time she was wearing Naqab.

Further investigation reveals that Saleem and his neighbor Nilofar's younger sister Sanobar were having affair. For Sanobar this was an extramarital affair because she was also married and Saleem was aware of this.
Crime Patrol Actress Priyanka Bhole
Sanobar played by Priyanka Bhole

Part 1: Bekarar-1-Crime-Patrol-Satark
Part 2: Bekarar-2-Crime-Patrol-Satark

Part 1:
Part 2:

Here is the inside story of the case:

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