Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Case 52/2017: Rakesh Sharma brutuly killed by four assailants in the dark night (Episode 837, 837 on 29th, 30th July, 2017)


  1. Sir one suggestion. Like in this episode you mentioned the name of one of the cast member Bhuvnesh shetty please identify each actor in the episode as serial is not giving credit to them and they are real heroes in acting like sanjeev tyagi nisaar Khan gyanendra tripathi etc. Pls identify with their real names vis a vis role names.

  2. Just as you narrate real story side by side you can show real life characters with actors who played the role in the serial with their names in credit. Crime patrol Friday Saturday and Sunday episodes are full of talented artists with directors as well. Nisaar Khan gyanendra Tripathi and sanjeev tyaagi to name a few in leading inspector roles along with their assistants. It will really add value to ur efforts in narrating story and will attract more people to view your work.


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