Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Case 06/2018: 'Psycho killer' Buddhadeb Behera held in 6 women murders (Episode 892, 893 on 3, 4 February 2018)


Maharashtra police encounters a case of serial killer. An unidentified man whose modus-operandi is really weird. Last year 2017 they finds a female dead body on Nashik outskirt area. The deceased is unknown to everyone which is a blind murder case for police for now. Police also finds some identification documents in woman's purse and these documents belongs to a man. Police's first suspect could be this man but they also thinks that why a murdered will leave his identification documents on the crime spot!!

A journalist who is covering the incident tells police that she encountered with similar case in 2014 in Madgoan - Goa. In that case also the woman was killed in same manner and that crime spot also had similar documents that were belonging to an unknown person but when police tracked that person and asked her about this murder, he told police that he never been in Madgaon and the documents police found were stolen from him some time back when he was travelling in a train.

On the other hand Serial Killer is about to join a construction site in Pune as a labour contractor. He introduced himself as Jagdish Mane and tells that he came from Mumbai. He dislikes Mumbai because of pollution, noice and traffic etc.
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Police takes a psycho specialist Rachna's help in tracking the culprit. She suggest police that this person is obsessed to sex and his motive behind all these murder is only sex. She also suggest police that between 2014 to 2017 he must have committed few more similar murders. She gives some tips to police about his behaviour and police activates their informers for this.

Informers starts looking for similar personality in the red light area and finally finds a clue about a man who has similar behaviour. On other hand Dr Rachna also tracks some records and comes up with a photograph of a man. This man is Kamlesh who went missing 2 days after his sister-in-law went missing. Kamlesh is married to Pallavi who fell in love with him in a construction site and later they got marry.

Now when police asks their informer to go and match Kamlesh's photo with that person, that sex worker identified him.

Part 2: Obsessive Part-1
Part 2: Obsessive Part-2

Here is the inside story of the case:


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