Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lesson: 13 year boy Dilshan murder case ( Episode 79, 82 on 27th, 28th January 2012)

On July 3, 2011 a 13 year old boy shot dead while he was trying to steal some almond form a almond tree situated inside Chennai cantonment area (Shown as Bairagarh, Bhopal). After his death Chief Minister Jayalalitha announced a compensation of rup 5 lakh to his parents form the chief minister relief fund.

After 7 days of hard investigation finally CB-CID (lead played by Harsh Khuarana) cracked the case. R Shekhar, ADG, CB-CID informed media that Ex Army officer confessed of killing dilshan. Retired Lt Col Kandasamy Ramraj shot Dilson with his own private rifle.

The case took less than 1 year in getting justice. Chennai high court decided Life prisonment to Col. Kandasamy Ramraj.

Read and Watch full story also with real videos here-

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  1. Hi. Can you tell me what is the episode number of one that was aired in 2012 around the time this Dilshan episode came on tv? In that episode a small boy (12 -13 yrs of age) was tied to a tree by a group of boys and stabbed and beaten up to death. Please I want to know. Thank you.


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