Friday, August 17, 2012

14 year old kesari escapes after getting marry with 55 year old (Episode 143 on 17 Aug 2012)

55 year old Jamidar Akhilendra of Baliputra, keonjhar district marries a 13 year old girl kesari (real name Minati Gagaral). Kesari's mother, brother forces her to stay with Akhilendra now but she denies. Kesari escapes towards wild jungle of baliputra and after spending 9 day there she reports everything to police. Police then arrests Akhilendra and sends kesari to a organization.
In year 2005 kesari get National award for her bravery.

Watch here the real story of Dugi alias Minati Gagaral and her photograph with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while taking National bravery Award in 2006

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