Saturday, October 6, 2012

Khap Panchayat - The Indian Taliban (Episode 163, 164 on 6th, 7th Oct 2012)

Kishan ram, son of Keval Ram (played by Sanjeev Tyagi) got married to Asmita during their childhood when Asmita was 12 year and and Kishan was 14 year old. Years passes, Kishan gets job as a teacher in Jodhpur and now he is doing BEd. (Bachelor of Education).

During this whole time period he spent in Jodhpur he realizes that he went through a illegal and very old tradition of India which is known as Child Marriage or Baal Vivah. And he is now aware of this that according to the Indian constitution Child Marriage is illegal and any of the boy or girl does not want to stay with each other then they can withdraw this marriage when they turns 18 year old.

Kishan explains Keval that he doesn't want to accept this marriage and he wants to leave Asmita. Keval ram supports him. Lala ram is father of Asmita and he knocks door of Panchayat which is known as Khaap panchayat.

Khaap panchyat is a self organised panchyat system and also knows as "Indian Taliban". They can take any action against the victim. Their decision are very hard like-

  • girls can not wear jeans
  • girls can not use mobile phone
  • they are brutally against intercast marriage
  • female can not join their panchayat
  • Dalit either are not allowed in the panchayat or they can not put their point there.
These 2 episodes of Keval ram and Kishan ram explains the cruel behaviour of Khap in a village.
Check this link to know more about the khap panchayat and watch the crime patrol story:

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