Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cop solves blind murder case of ram rao khadre with the help of Tailor's tag (Episode 166, 167 on 13-14 Oct 2012)

A 55 years man was brutally killed by someone at Saswad-Kapurhol Road. Police finds his body and tries to get some clue about him but they does find anything useful. Postmortem explains that this man died because of a brutal cut on his neck by a sharp knife.

Further investigation explores that victim's shirt has a tailor's tag situated somewhere at kothrud area. Police finds that tailor but tailor was not able to explain anything about this person. Tag has a sign of a laundress also so police find that laundress and he explains that deceased name is Ram Rao Khadre (Real name Pundalik Ganpat Gawde).

Police reaches his rented house. His neibhours tells that ram rao was a good person. A old man explains that he saw ram rao last time when someone on the road was waiting for him (that was Nagesh Bhosle. Original name Arjun Kangi and played by famous laughter champion Navin Prabhakar). After getting more information he calls his family who are residing at Velhe in Purandhar taluka. Police tries to confirm ram rao's call records and finally the get the person who is currently using Ramrao's mobile phone.

What happens after that?
Who killed Ramrao and why?

Here is the inside story of the case:

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