Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mysterious murder of political worker Naresh Sharma (Episode 179, 180 on 17th, 18th Nov 2012)

Naresh Sharma (real name Harsh Gupta)  is a IPP (BJP) political leader as well as a businessman. He has tie up with Kureshi and Salauddin. He also has some property at Malvan area and want to start some construction there. A day while travelling from Fatehpur to malvan he got killed by someone. Killer first shoots him by a desi Katta then chokes his neck to kill him.

Police (lead played by Siraj Mustafa Khan) investigation exposed Naresh had debt of 70 lack rupees and also had insurance of 80 lac rupees. Murder of naresh was only beneficial for his widow. Police suspects wife of Naresh and I relative Manoj Jha.

Who killed Naresh and why?
Was this a political murder?

Here is the inside story of the case:

And here is a similar case portrayed by crime patrol in episode 8 2011

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