Monday, February 4, 2013

Murder case of Mumbai stock broker Jiten Bhai Vyas (Episode 207, 208 on 2nd, 3rd Feb 2013)

Police finds deadbody of a 55-60 years old man outside his car near Anand area in Gujrat while he was returning from Mumbai. Police also finds a lady's dupatta inside his car and probs a lady is involved in the murder.Considering a blind murder case police goes ahead. Getting a contact diary from his car police starts asking every contact about that man. Later body is identified as Jiten Bhai Vyaas (real name Mukti Shah and played by Kenneth Desai) who is a successful stock broker at mumbai.

Jiten Vyas - Mukti Shah, 58
Sapna Pandya - Dhwani Bhatt, 30
Sapna's Mother Sangita Pandya - Amita Bhatt, 52 (played by Jaanvi Sangwan)

Let's crack the mystery here.
Here is inside story of the case here:

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