Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos: List 3

Gaurav Khera escapes stealing diamonds of 8 lakh (Episode 159 on 24 Sep 2012)
Mukesh is a diamond merchant at mumbai. One day a 23-24 year old guy named Gaurav Khera (real name Karan Patel) comes to his office and explains that he is a talented diamond sampler and has a good knowledge of pureness of diamonds. Asking mukesh, he explains his talent in this professional. Mukesh trusts him and gives him position of diamond sampler in his office...Read More
Powerplay: Renowned pandit Yoginder Joshi shot dead (Episode 256, 257 on 8th, 9th June 2013)
Yoginder Joshi (Played by Mohit Dagga) is a high profile pandit as well as a politician from Udaiyapur, Madhya Pradesh. He is younger among two brothers. Being a high-profile astrologer, he had connections with number of politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats in the area...Read More
Is it love: Nagpur techie Aditya Khare found dead in his own car (Episode 266 on 5th July 2013)
A hawker sees a man is completely wrapped with cello tape and his face covered with polythene inside a Volkswagen Polo car. He informs police and police finds that man is dead. His driving license shows his name Aditya Khare. Further investigation shows that he was a software engineer. His call details reveals that he was in touch with a girl named Neena and before his death he talked to that girl 60 times.
The Nexus: Assassination of a 14 year boy Nawab (Episode 286, 287, 288 on 23rd, 24th, 25th Aug 2013)
Three men comes on a bike, knocks door of Late Inspector Shakoor's home and his wife Rabia (real name Husna Bano) opens the door. One of then stares at all of them including Afreen (real name Nida and bua of Maaz. Played by Jia Mustafa), Rabia (aunt of Nawab) and Nawab's younger brother and then shoots Nawab who is watching TV. Nawab dies immediately...Read More
Senior citizen Navin Batra murdered in his photo studio (Episode 171 on 27th Oct)
Navin Batra (real name Navraj Kwatra) is a professional photographer. Shooting and creating portfolios of models for free is his hoby even sometimes he pays models for shooting. He has 6 properties in Mumbai and lives there alone. His wife lives in Delhi and children abroad...Read More

High Stakes: Innocent killed in IPL Betting (Episode 258 on 14th June 2013)
14 year old Raju Panchal goes to collect his father's car's key and goes missing. His father Sanjay get call for ranson of 20 lac. All are in shock and Sanjay's elder brother suggest him to raise FIR...Read More
New born baby girl become unwanted between battle of 2 families (Episode 152, 153 on 8, 9 Sep 2012)
mrit singh is a teacher and his wife Meena is pregnant. Amrit takes meena to jodhpur for her delivery. At the same time Kishan who is a Kadhiya (मिस्त्री, जो दीवार पे प्लास्टर करते हैं और घर बनाते हैं) by the profession also bringing his wife to Same hospital 'Raja Madhav' of Jodhpur...Read More
Contract killing of jeweller's son Vishal (Episode 225, 226 on 23rd, 24th March 2013)
Vishal (real name Ajay Agrawal) and Viren Goenka are two sons of city's (Bhopal) big and reputed Jeweller Prakash Narayan Goenka (real name Ramesh Chandra Agrawal). Vishal is is married to Bhawna. He often borrows money from the person who are well known to Prakash Goenka. After sometimes Prakash forbade everyone to give Vishal any money. His wife Bhawna also leaves him...Read more
A game of Diabolical and Masquerade (Episode 261, 262 on 21st, 22nd dec 2013)
Ashutosh, a BCom student hails from Karampur village found murdered at his rented house in Kanpur, UP. Ashutosh is younger brother of Gajendra who has an electricity shop at Karampur. Gajendra first finds his deadbody when he comes to to meet him at Kanpur. During investigation police asks Ashutosh's friends harsh, Sanju and ravi but none knows anything about this tragedy...Read More
Civil engineer Satyaprakash Chaubey murder case (Episode 99, 100 on 6th, 7th April 2012)
A night when Satyaprakash returning from a marriage three unknown people suddenly attacks on him and brutally kills him outside Gaya Junction, Bihar on 27th November, 2003. Who were they people killed Satyaprakash? Did his death got justice?...Read More

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