Friday, January 15, 2016

Bezubaan: A dumb and deaf girl helps police nabbing a racket (Crime Patrol Dial 100, Episode 71 on 14th January, 2016)

A 14 year old girl caught by police after got hurt in an accident and is admitted to the hospital. Doctor tells police that she has many injuries throughout her body like she has got beaten badly. Her reports also reveals that she was assaulted many times. We she comes into sense, police asks her about her but she does not speak. Later they comes to know that the girl is deaf and dumb. Police manages a lady who can understand the sign language. She tries to know her name and comes to know that her name is Kajal. Kajal is not familiar with sign language and it has become challenge for police to know about her that where she got so many injuries and where does she belong.
Kajal played by Sonal Bandekar
The girl is very scared and after some more tries she starts explaining police about the home she was kept. Police reaches that home and finds some clue that Kajal was trying to explain. She how police busted a racket with help of this brave deaf and dumb girl.



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