Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rangdari: Patna's businessman kidnapped for ransom (Episode 619, 621 on 13th, 14th February, 2016)

Omkar Gupta (played  by Rajiv Kumar) is a businessman of Patna who is doing good in his business of Litti Chokha. He is planning to open a shop at Nalanda and for this frequently visits Nalanda. A morning he gets some call regarding this and leaves for there. After he leaves, her wife Nandini get a call that his husband has been kidnapped and asks fro ransom.

Nandini files his missing complain and tells police about that ransom call. When police starts investigation, they are shocked to know that Omkar did not receive any phone in the morning he well missing and his last 1 year phone location was never at Nalanda. He used to visit Begusarai frequently, not Nalanda. Police also comes to know that he was addicted to woman and his all visits to Begusarai were for women. He was in touch with a lady Manisha Chandra (played by Geetanjali Mishra) and now Manisha and her husband both are missing.
Police starts taping her phone calls where she is asking someone to kills someone. Police tries to track them but next phone calls confirms that the murder was done. When police starts search all around Begusarai, after two days they finds a partially decomposed body of a man. Police is assuming that this body belongs to Omkar Gupta and then they calls Nandini for body's identification

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Part 1:
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