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Case 40/2017: In Greed of getting Government Job in Railway 4 boys killed cousin and nephew (Episode 817, 818, 819 on16th, 18th Jun, 2017)

2017 का चालीसवां केस
Case 40/2017

Sujit Gatta's son Alok Gatta goes missing after going to a nearby Atta Chakki. His parents are looking for him but gets shocked when they receive a ransom call of rupee 50 lac in the evening. Discussing with elder brother Bhupendra Gatta, Sujit informs this to police and police starts investigation of this kidnapping. Police is unable to find kidnaper's cell phone location and sim card registration is also fake. A week passes but nothing fruitful appear so case is now handed over to SIT.

After a week another ranson call comes and kidnapper asks Sujit Gatta to reach a market place with ransom amount. As per police's instructions Sujit goes to that place but after spending few hours no kidnaper comes to take the ransom. He comes back empty handed and then again receives another call from kidnaper who warns Sujit to stay away from Police. He also tells that he was aware of police's presence at the spot.

Sujit and his family forces police to stay away from the case and again Sujit goes to another place to pay the ransom, anaware of police's plan. Police again sends his another team behind Sujit. Kidnapers again identifies police and does not come before Sujit. This time again Sujit comes back empty handed.

Series of incidents happening with the family reminds SIT head another kidnapping case reported almost a year ago in the near by area and the victim Rakesh Gatta was also a relative of this Gatta family. Are these cases really connected?

Rakesh Gatta was a medical student who was kidnapped by same gang. That gang offered him to have a part of ransom amount and do not share it with anyone but later they killed him. These four members of the gang were students and preparing for bank PO exams together in the same house. Mastermind and the member used to make ransom call was a handicapped.

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Actors in this episode: Akhil Kataria, Alok Kumar, Gyan Prakash, Hitesh Pandey, Inam Ul Haq, Manish Raj, Mausam Dubey, Nishant Singh, nissar khan, Puneet Channa, Rajiv Kumar, Ripraj Chauhan, Suman Singh

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Part 1: NA
Part 2: Case 40 Part 2
Part 3: Case 40 Part 3

Here is the inside story of the case:
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