Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Case 42/2017: Former politician's daughter in law Shot dead, son injured, CCTV DVR stolen (Episode 821, 822 on 24th, 25th June, 2017)

2017 का बयालीसवाँ केस - मौत की धमकी

Case 42/2017 - The Death Threat

Brick kiln owner Ranjan Chauhan is a wealthy and strong man who live with her wife and his son Sooraj Chauhan is a medical student who lives in college hostel. Ranjan Chauhan suggests Sooraj to leave medical line, come back to home and take charge of his father's business who is already running well. As his father's request, Sooraj leaves his medical college life and comes back to home and start learning and taking care of his business.

On the other hand in Allahabad Kajal is trying to get admission into a college for further studies. Kajal lives with her younger brother at her maternal uncle's home. Years before her parents were passed away in an accident till then her uncle is taking care of sibling.

Time goes on and some how Kajal gets marry with Sooraj. Sooraj's family does not put any demand on Kajal's family and now they both has a kid also.

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In 2015 Sooraj's father Ranjan Chauhan had a fight with another contractor Shukla of the same area. He warns him to take some money and leave the contract but Shukla denies. In anger Ranjan Chauhan Shoots him dead. After the incident Ranjan and his two other companions are absconding but finally police arrests them. Ranjan tries to negotiate with police officer but he puts him behind the bar with strong chargesheet.

Here Sooraj is scared of being killed by Shukla's sons who must come and take revenge of their father's murder. A day when Sooraj comes back from a restaurant with her wife Kajal, three assailants enters in the vicinity and starts firing at the couple. Kajal dies on spot while Sooraj is badly injured.

Now police arrests Shukla's son in murder case of Kajal.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCV2LRKIuGI
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l31sfJe1drk

Part 1: The Death Threat - 1
Part 2: The Death Threat - 2

Here is the inside story of the case:
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