Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Crime Patrol Inside Story Videos List 9

Body in barrel, Chawl, Daughter Shikha, Devika Sharma, Kushinagar, Manoj Singh, Moin Azam Khan, Mumbra Murder, Neha Pawar, sanjeev tyagi, Shashi Ranjan, Slum area, Thane,

Crime Patrol Case 51/2017, Episode 835 on 28th July, 2017

Businessman Girdhar is missing from last three days. His phone is also switched off. His wife raises a police complaint for him and during initial investigation police observes that...Watch Video.

Body in barrel, Chawl, Daughter Shikha, Devika Sharma, Kushinagar, Manoj Singh, Moin Azam Khan, Mumbra Murder, Neha Pawar, sanjeev tyagi, Shashi Ranjan, Slum area, Thane,

Crime Patrol Case 29: Pune, Murder of missing Interior Designer Disha Vartak (Ashwini Pardeshi)

A man murders a girl and puts her dead body inside a barrel. Later he pours bulk of phenyl inside the barrel so the body can decompose. He locks the flat and runs away...Watch Video.

Aasit Redji, Abbas Ghaznavi, Chirag, Manish Raj, Mausam Dubey, Neetu Pandey, sanjeev tyagi, Suman Singh, Tushar Jha, Vibhuti Thakur, Vishal Jethwa

क्राइम पैट्रोल Case 50: Guna Triple murder. Teenager Hemant, Ritvik, Lokesh kidnaped, killed, burnt

Something is going between 5 teenager friends. Akshay is one of them who goes missing when he is going to buy a second hand bike for himself...Watch Video.

Akansha Sareen, cut off, extramarital affair, indore, murder, nissar khan, Painter, peeyush suhaney, private part, rauf, salman

क्राइम पैट्रोल Case 49/2017: MP Police cracks a perfect blind murder of Indore resident Salman

A dead body is found near lake whose face is completely smashed and fingers are cutoff. It is a male dead body and its private part was also cut buy the murderer. It is a completely blind case which is going to be another challenge for police..Watch Video.

Azad Ansari, Gyan Prakash, Moin Azam Khan, Murder or Suicide, Neha Agarwal, Nishant Singh, nissar khan, priya shinde, Sharad Sonu, Sudeep Sarangi, Suman Singh

Crime Patrol Case 48 on 15, 16 July: UP Shocker, Jhansi: Four siblings killed in 7 years

Anjali is a housewife who lives with her husband and two kids Smriti and Ankit. A Sunday while she comes back from her mother's home which is nearby in the same locality, murdered by slitting her throat...Watch Video.

Manish Raj, Mansi Singh, sanjeev tyagi, Suman Singh

Crime Patrol Case 47, 14 July: RTV Driver kills friends mother to avenge his incurable diseases

Middle aged woman Durga Devi gets brutally killed by an taxi driver Satish. Police is not able to understand the motive behind this murder as Satish was one of Durga's son's friend...Watch Video.

Ahsaas Channa, Alok Kumar, Chinmay Jadhav, Hitesh Pandey, Manish Raj, Meghan Jadhav, Rahul Tomar, sanjeev tyagi, Suman Singh

Lonavala Double Murder: Sinhad Institute's engineering students Sarthak and Shruti found dead

This story is based on a gruesome double murder reported in Lonavala on 3rd Apr this year. Police found their dead bodies at S-Point location in the forest area. The couple were recognised as Sarthak Waghchoure and Shruti Dumbre who were doing their final year...Watch Video.

body in water tank, body septic tank, Gyanendra Tripathi, Karan Sharma, LUCKNOW, madhu saxena, madiyaon, neeraj asthana, Puneet Channa, Resha Konkar, Shakti Singh, shiva aka shailu saxena

Murder mystery from "City of Nawabs" Lucknow, woman, paramour killed husband Shiva

A NRI couple returns from Dubai after mother and enters into their home after a long period. Wife goes to kitchen to make tea but she finds a foul smell is coming out from the tap water which is coming from a water tank on the top...Watch Video.

Ali Raza Namdar, Ashraf, Azad Ansari, Dheeraj Maurya, Manish Raj, Nazar Khan, Nazneen, Neetu Pandey, Priya Malik, sanjeev tyagi, Saurabh Goyal, Shashwita Sharma

Thrilling story of "City of Khajuraho" Chhatarpur- Madhya Pradesh. Murder of newly married Javed

Nazneen want to marry Dheeraj but the couple does not want to share it with anyone as they belongs to different community and if people of the village comes to know about their relation, that would be harmful for both the families. Finally Dheeraj decides to runaway with Nezneen...Watch Video.

Abbas Ghaznavi, Amit Roy, Gyanendra Tripathi, Rajiv Kumar, Sanjay Bhatiya, Vibhuti Thakur, Vishal Jethwa

Agra's crorepati Shoe factory owner/businessman Haji Moinuddin missing and murder case

Salim Sheikh, a wealthy businessman goes missing soon after leaving his house. The evening he was leaving his home, he told his wife that he has his flight to Mumbai but now his phone is switched off and none of the family members is able to trace him...Watch Video.


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