Thursday, February 22, 2018

Case 80/2017: 55 years old clerk Ashok Gupta brutally killed and looted (Episode 883 on 31 Dec, 2017)

2017 का अस्सीवां केस
Case 80/2017

55 year old accountant Vaibhav Pawar was found killed in his room inside office premises. That night when care taker of the office wokeup in the mid night, he found lock of the shutter is opened. Then he observed that all three respective locks are opened. He immediately calls store manager Rahul Purohit and when he comes, he finds Vaibhav Powar dead in a pool of blood. The place where he is lying, "Rahul" is written on the wall with blood.Police comes and first they takes Vaibhav and the care taker into their custody.

Few employees of the office tells that Vaibhav Powar was having affair with another employee Mohini. Mohini is a divorcee and since Vaibhav Powar got injured, she was taking full care of her in the office.

Investigating more police comes to know that there is oe more employee of the same name "Vaibhav" is there and his full name is "Rahul Kulkarni" who is absconding since Vaibhav Powar killed.
kamlesh oza, aliraza namdar, priya shinde, sanjay bhatia, nissra khan
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Unreliable Employee

Here is the inside story of the case:


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