Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Year girl Shalu goes missing, police suspects father (Episode 150, 151 on 2nd, 7th September 2012)

Year 2010
Shalu (Real name Neelu Khatoon) is a 5 year old cute girl of Mumtaz (Real name Jamila Khatoon) and Nasir (Real name Akhtar Alam) who lives at Khirki Extenssion in Delhi. Nasir is 2nd husband of Mumtaj and is a step father of Shalu.

Shalu has real affection with Nasir but does not call her 'Abbu' and asking father's name to her she always speaks the name of his real father 'Shabbir'

At one evening Shalu suddenly goes missing. Mumtaj last see her playing in a park near home.

The raise a FIR to the police and after some investigation police realize that Nasir is not real father of Shalu and suspects as a kidnapper. In further investigation police confirms that nasir is not involved in this.

After 2 years in 2012 police gets some information through ZIPNET (Zonal Integrated Police Network) and found Shalu at Bhadohi (Uttar Pradesh).
Now police try to get Mumtaj and Nasir but they found that they have left that home.
What happens next? Did police succeeded in reuniting them?
Click this link to get the inside story and crime patrol version of the case-

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