Friday, October 26, 2012

Jagdish killed by friend for booty of a 700gm Gold Bar (Episode 170 on 26 Oct 2012)

Jagdish (real name Prashant Rahatwal) is a reliable employee of Kimji & Khandelwal jewellers. On a sunday he leaves from his home saying that he is going factory in which he works whether factory is always closed on sunday. He does not return till next day and his mother is worrying. She calls the factory owner Mahesh (real name Mayur Khandeshwar) and he explains that sunday is a holiday so Jagdish can not be there in the factory that day.

Next day when Mahesh and Suraj (real name Manoj), his partner checks their factory locker, one gold bar of 700 gram is missing. The raised complain to the police and now the police is investigating.

Here is the real story of the case:

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