Friday, October 26, 2012

Senior citizen Navraj Kwatra Murdered in his photo studio (Episode 171 on 27th Oct)

Navin Batra (real name Navraj Kwatra) is a professional photographer. Shooting and creating portfolios of models for free is his hoby even sometimes he pays models for shooting. He has 6 properties in Mumbai and lives there alone. His wife lives in Delhi and children abroad.

A day when he was alone as his studio at borivali, two courier boy Pranay Ghosh and Chirag Dhawde comes and kills him.

Police investigation finds few objectionable things at his studio like hidden cameras, CCTV without recorder inside bathroom and bedroom, toys, medicine, dozens of obscene CDs-DVDs etc.

What is the mystery?
And why Navin Batra a 65 year old senior citizen was killed brutally?
What these objectionable things are doing in his studio?
Read this post for inside story with a shocking media coverage of the case

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