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Looking Away: Who kidnapped Varun? (Episode 393 and 394 on 12th, 13th July 2014)

Looking Away

Varun, a 11 year old son of a businessman Anurag Banerjee does not return after school. Anurag and his wife Purvi are worrying. Anurag goes police station with his friend Harish to file his missing complain but police does cooperated with him. After around 24 hours Anurag get a ransom call of rupees 30 lac. Now police starts actioning.

After searching several records and all possibility finally police is doubting that Anurag's car mechanic Hasan Qadri is involved in Varun's kidnapping. He finds that Hasan's number is switched off and his relatives does not have any information about him. Police starts hunting for him and finally catches him.

During interrogation Hasan is clearly denying his involvement in Varun's kidnapping and he is saying that he is already obliged by Anurag then why he will kidnap him for money. Arurag is also saying that he knows Hasan very well and he can not kidnap his son.

Eleven days passes and Anurag gets call from police to reach police station immediately.

Rohan Gucchait
​बिजनेसमैन अनुराग बनर्जी का 11 साल के बेटा वरुण स्कूल से घर वापस नहीं आया है. वो और उसकी बीवी दोनों परेशान हैं. अनुराग पुलिस में कंप्लेन करने जाता है मगर पुलिस ढील बरतती है. जब 24 घंटे बीत जाते हैं और किडनैपर्स की 30 लाख फिरौती के लिए अनुराग को काल आती है तो पुलिस हरकत में आती है.

काफी सारे रिकॉर्ड तलाशने के बाद पुलिस को ये समझ आता है की अनुराग के घर आने जाने वाला एक कार मकैनिक हसन कादरी गायब है. उसका मोबाइल भी बंद है और उसके घर में भी उसका कोई पता नहीं है. पुलिस उसकी खोज शुरू करती है और आख़िरकार पकड़ लेती है.

पूछताछ करने पर हसन साफ़ साफ़ मना करता है की वो नहीं जानता की वरुण कहाँ है. अनुराग के बहुत एहसान हैं उसपर और वो वरुण जे साथ कुछ गलत नहीं कर सकता. अनुराग भी ये मानने को तैयार नहीं है की वरुण की किडनेपिंग में हसन का हाथ है.

धीरे धीरे कर के 11 दिन बीत जाते हैं और फिर अनुराग के पास पुलिस की कॉल आती है की वो जल्दी पुलिस स्टेशन आ जाये.

Based on Rohan Gucchait, a 12 year old boy murder case in Kalyan, Maharashtra. Rohan was a class 7th student who was kidnapped by a electrician Ishtiyaq Shaikh hired by the family. He was chopped into pieces by a electric saw. On 17 April, 2014 Rohan’s father Uttambhai Gucchali lodged his missing complain at Bazarpeth police station that he has been kidnapped by some unknown person. Later he also received a call for a ransom of rupee 50 lac.

Rohan Gucchait, was a resident of Sundar Nagar Complex, Kalyan. Uttambhai Gucchali is a jeweller by profession. On 17th April when Rohan was returning from his school and was at gate of building Shaikh stopped him and told him that his father had summoned him to his shop. Shaikh told him that he will drop him at his father’s shop and asked him to come with him on his bike. Later he accompanied other 3 guys Nilesh Salve, Ganesh Patil, and Imtiyaz Abdul.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kbc-P2oOjP0
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzBZKJli1wA

Part 1: http://www.sonyliv.com/watch/thriller-ep-393-12th-july-2014
Part 2: http://www.sonyliv.com/watch/thriller-ep-394-13th-july-2014

Here is the inside story of the case:

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