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India's Burning Cases: Jessica Lal Murder Case (Dial 100 5th, 6th Feb, 2018)

Death is a truth but when it happens before time, it creates chaos in the society. Model Jessica Lal was shot dead during the mid night of 29th April, 1999. Reason! She denied to serve liquor to a man. Who killed her! That was Manu Sharma, son of then congress MP from Haryana "Vinod Sharma" who was the main reason behind delayed justice of the case. It took nine year, a series of trials and the court acquitted Manu Sharma on Feb, 2006.

30th April, 1999: Doctors of Apollo Hospital told police that Jessica was dead when she was brought to the hospital

2nd May, 1999: Manu Sharma's Tata Safari was found from Noida, UP

6th May, 1999: Manu Sharma surrendered before Chandighar court. UP's politician's son Vikas Yadav and other 10 suspects also arrested.

3rd Aug, 1999: Chargesheet filed against all accused under multiple sections of IPC

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31 Jan, 2000: Magistrate court handedover the case to session court for further proceedings.

23rd No, 2000: Session court imposed charges on nine people. 10th accused Amit Jhingan was acquitted while Ravinder aka Titu was declared as fugitive.

2nd May, 2001: Court asked victim side to represent evidence. Eyewitness Deepak Bhojwani gave his statement before the court.

3rd May, 2001: Eyewitness Sham Munshi denied to identify Manu even he was present there at the time of murder. He also said that he does not know Hindi and can't speak in Hindi.

3rd Mat, 2001: Electrician and eyewitness Shiv Das also changed their statements.

6th July, 2001: Malini Ramani, daughter of Beena Ramani identified Manu Sharma.

16th May, 2001: Third main witness also changed his statement.

12th Oct, 2001: Restaurant and bar owner Been Ramani identified Manu Sharma:

17th Oct, 2001: Beena's canadian husband George Mehlor registered his statement and identified Manu.

20th July 2004: Enquiry officer Surinder Sharma registered his statement.

"No-one Killed Jessica"
21st Feb, 2001: In lack of evidence, lower court acquitted all nine suspect.

20th Dec, 2006: High court gave life imprisonment to Manu Sharma also fined him with 50,000 rupees. Amardeep Singh Gil and Vikas Yadav also sent to jail for four years with a fine of 3000 each.

13th March, 2006: Delhi police went to high court against the order.

3rd Oct, 2006: Jessica Lal's case was put on fast-track

18th Dec, 2006: Manu Shrma, Vikas Yadav and Amardeep Gil aka Tony was found guilty by high court while Alok Khanna, Vikas Gil, Harvindar Singh Chopra, Raja Chopra, Shyamsundar Sharma and Yograj Singh were acquitted.

Massive protest was going on over the Capital of India. People were protesting on India Gate.

2nd Feb, 2007: Manu Sharma filed appeal on Supreme Court

8th March, 2007: Supreme court accepted Manu Sharma's appeal.

27th Nov, 2007: Supreme court rejected Manu's appeal for bail.

12 may, 2008: Supreme court again rejected Manu's appeal for bail.

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